CIRCLE SPORTS TRADING is a german based distribution & Agent company that sources and seeks the top clothing, footwear, and optical brands within the streetwear, urban and action sports market and imports them into Germany & Austria. Every brand that we chose to import was done with much thought and represents what makes our distribution & agency today. Feel free to browse the site to see what our company is all about.

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  Spy auf der ISPO Winter 2011 in München        
  Spy auf der ISPO Winter 2011 in München        
  SPY auf der ISPO Winter 2011 München
06.02. - 11.02.2011 Halle A2, Stand 203
  Ispo Winter 2011        
  HOLDEN auf der ISPO Winter 2011 München
06.02. - 11.02.2011 Halle A2, Stand 306

  Logo Holden        
  HOLDEN Winter 2010-2011 Katalog Download:        
  HOLDEN auf der Bright Trade Show Berlin
Raum 153
20.01 – 22.01.2011
  Bright Trade Show        
  Spy ISPO 2010        


  CIRCLE BLOG!!!    
  SPRING 2010
Bread & Butter
Hangar 1/SPR 05.4

Here the link for the teaser of the upcoming SPLIT DVD – Demons in the attic


... die heiß und lang erwarteten neuen Serien von EMillion Skateboarts sind da!
- güntige Preise
- überzeugende Qualität
- aussagekräftiges Team
- professioneller und zuverlässiger Handelspartner

  emillion deck        

In just 2 short weeks, Corey was featured on the cover of TransWorld Skateboarding's Buyers Guide with 2 huge Split logos, had arguably the best part at the premeire of the Osiris video 'Feed The Need', and came out as #1 in the TransWorld Business exposure-o-meter!
Also, we just landed a great new promotion with TransWorld Skateboarding - Corey will be featured in their subscription drive for 4 months.  Every issue will have the attached ad featuring Corey and a free Split tee with every subscription.  Over 2 million kids will see this...

Corey's latest cover means Split has had 5 covers in the past 3 months - 

Corey Duffel - October Thrasher
Corey Duffel - TransWorld Buyers Guide
JT Aultz - December The Skateboard Mag
Jason Adams - October Slap
Mikala Jones December Surfing

Other than the covers, Corey, Jason, JT, Terell, Sean Eaton, Slash, Nuge and Mikala have all received edit coverage in the major US mags in Nov and Dec issues! 

No other brand in this industry that is our size is having this much success with their team's performance!  Make sure your accounts know who our team is and how much coverage we are getting!

On the surf side, we are proud to announce Mikala Jones has just signed a new 3 year contract with Split.  He's been an amazing marquee athlete for our surf program producing 2 covers, countless photos and a video part this year.  He's just about to take part in the Pipe Masters while wearing his first signature boardshort from Split

  cooler magazin        
  Gewinnspiel Naketano im Cooler Magazin        
  MBM Magazine Nr. 131 November 2007        
  mbm apo bindung        

APO BCK Girls Bindung
im MBM Magazine Nr. 131 November 2007

  Onboard 92–October 2007        

It had to have been our most adventurous and daring Onboard week ever - gathering an army of riders and photographers midway through the worst winter on record in the resort of Val D’Isere, dividing them up into teams and sending them out into the wilderness in search of THE HOLY COVER. Find out which rider and photographer were voted winners of the coveted cover of issue 92 and salivate over our selection of pow, sculped booters, gaps metal slides and more captured during the week.
92 also features an array of regulars, new and rehashed, including trick tips for spinning gaps, a Techfiles on the pros of wearing helmets and protection, a revisit to Nicola Thost who last graced the cover of Onboard in November ‘99 and some new kids on the block. Plus we deliver a banging gallery of the sweetest pics this side of the Tibet, a Q&A with the über-stomper Kalle Ohlsson and profile the metal munching sprout from Valais Alex Evequoz. Believe, it is an issue that cannot be missed.


Bilder... Danny Larsen im Pleasure

  cover pleasure        
  Park Opening 5. bis 7. Oktober        

EMILLION: die neuen Decks sind da!

  Emillion decks        
  Emillion decks        
  Neu: NAKETANO        
  logo naketano        
  Auswahl naketano        

BPL-Surfcamps in Portugal
BPL-Travel bietet seit letztem Jahr in kooperation mit Homeless Surfcamp ein feines Surfcamp in familiaeren Umfeld an.
Die Preise fuer ein 10 Tages Camp starten bei 169 Euro.

  blp surfcamp        
  rob and big        
  JT Aultz        

Split Apparel Welcomes JT Aultz

JT Aultz has been added to a rapidly growing roster of amazing skateboarders on the Split Apparel team. Internationally known for his smooth style, JT has built his reputation with memorable video parts and long-standing dedication to street skating.

“JT brings such an effortless style, a commitment and love to skateboarding that is so rare these days, and the most positive attitude. We’re hyped to have him be a part of the team and support him in everything he wants to accomplish.” Brian Garofalow, Marketing Director.

Based in San Diego, CA, JT has been busy touring the world filming for upcoming video parts. Already in development, Split is producing a JT signature jean and accessories to be released in early 2008.

“I like guys who skate in beanies and guys have enough style to turn a manual into gnarly hammer. JT does both these things so I like him twice as much.” Brian Young, Skate Team Manager.

JT Aultz joins Jason Adams, Corey Duffel, Don “Nuge” Nguyen, Pat Rakestraw, Terell Robinson, Brian “Slash” Hansen, Sean Eaton, Chris Aström, Rodney Clarke, Terell obinson, Dany Hamard, Willow, Orlando Acosta, Fred Constant.......... on the Split Apparel Skate team.

  Cover Slap Magazin        
  Louie Barletta auf dem Cover des SLAP Magazin´s        
  Gutschein für die HIC Surf Camps
enjoy the ride hawaiian island creations

VOID Trucks at Transworld Skateboarding

  Cover skateboarding